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I am honored to offer the original, authentic, Sin City patches, designed and endorsed by the orginial Sin City Boys and recently trademarked. Accept no substitute. The patches have a fantastic legacy which started when Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman wrote the song " Sin City" together for The Gilded Palace of Sin album. It remains one of their finest songs.

Larry Sepulvado, Clayton Gaskill, David Rodowick, Bob Webb and Nimrod Funk were the original Sin City Boys. They, along with as many as 20 other friends wearing Sin City jackets, attended all six Fallen Angels shows in Houston in February, 1973.

They requested the song " Sin City" from the audience at each show. Gram, Emmylou and the band were very responsive to the Sin City battle call and performed the song on Saturday's early performance and on their final appearance on Sunday.   Gram was given a patch on Thursday before his first performance. Emmylou was given a jacket following Saturday's performances and Linda requested a jacket on Sunday (pink letters for the girls). Linda Ronstadt dubbed herself and Emmylou as the Sinettes.

Gram and Emmylou Harris
Gram and Emmylou

On their final performance on Sunday Gram welcomed the Sin City Boys, Linda and Neil (the same show as the videotape made available by Sierra Records). Linda wore her jacket in a Rolling Stone photo in 1974 and later in an Annie Leibovitz portrait. On several follow up performances in Houston she dedicated her rendition of "Desperado" to the Sin City Boys. Gram stayed in touch with the Sin City Boys after the tour and requested a few additional patches for road manager Phil Kaufman among others.

Linda Ronstadt wearing jacket with patch
Linda Ronstadt

Larry and Emmylou
Larry and Emmylou
©Larry Sepulvado 1982

Johnny Knoxville plays Phil in the new movie "Grand Theft Parsons", which has been shown in the UK, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and the Sundance Film Festival and is available on DVD. Johnny Knoxville's Sin City jacket (Phil's original patch) is featured prominently throughout the movie



Sin City Patches

These are top-quality embroidery,
bright yellow letters on white satin-finish fabric.

$25 each + shipping

Shipping in the US and Canada is $4 for 1-5 patches
Overseas shipping is $6 for 1-3 patches
E-mail me for larger orders


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