Byrds Reunion t-shirt

Limited Edition
Byrds Reunion Album Shirt

The lettering on the eagle's ribbon reads EIGHT MILES HIGH, and BYRDS is embroidered, the rest silk screened. They are 3/4 sleeved heathered navy with dark navy sleeves, lighter weight than Port shirts. 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

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sweetheart Patch

Sweetheart of the Rodeo Patch

Sweetheart of the Rodeo artwork used with permission by Jo Mora estate, embroidered into a 9" x 7" patch with over 100,000 stitches. Looks great on a jacket. Iron on, then sew on.

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Sweetheart Patch
Sweetheart Patch

Byrd Reunion Shirt photo

This is Roger McGuinn's Byrds
Reunion Album - era shirt (1973).

Sweetheart of the Rodeo T-Shirt

Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Black short sleeves

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